Trained Chest with Randy Howard and his son at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo.  Now that I'm done with the legs EOD stupidity, I'm kind of in the mood to get strong again.  I've been training like a pussy for a while now (which was the main reason I did the legs EOD thing--It had been far too long since any of my training was worth writing about) and it's high time I get back to some solid training.

Incline Bench:
2x15 135lb
1x15 225lb
1x10 315lb
Shoulder wasn't feeling right here so we stopped after the set of 315lb

Incline dumbell press:
1x10 90s
1x10 130s
1x10 160s
I think this was the first time I've gone over 140lb dumbells on any kind of pressing since I started training again two years ago.  They felt pretty good.  Our dumbells go up to 200lbs....I don't know if I have 200lb inclines in me any time soon, but it will be a good goal to work towards

Flat smith machine:
4x15 225lb
Our smith machine is heavy as 225 felt pretty heavy after the first two exercises.  I wasn't really feeling this--something wasn't right with my left shoulder today, but since I already bailed early on incline barbell I stayed to grind these out despite the nagging pain.

Flat dumbell fly:
4x15 60s
Just tried to focus on a good stretch here.  My range of motion on my shoulders is always horrible so I'm trying to be better about actively working on increasing my range of motion on certain exercises.  I really focused on the stretch on these and trying to increase my ROM

Overhead tricep extensions:
These were just to get a pump because it's fun to get a tricep pump