Trained chest with Randy Howard at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo.

2x15 135lb
1x10 225lb
1x10 275lb
1x10 315lb
1x8 365lb

Incline Dumbell:
1x15 80s
2x12 130s

Incline Hammer:
3x20 315lb

Pec Deck:

Just a basic and boring chest workout.  I'm starting to accept the fact that I'll never regain my bench strength after my pec tear.  I'm sure that if I really focused on adjusting my form and building my strength back up I could get back to repping out with 405lb, but my focus these days is bodybuilding (in case I ever get the motivation to to a show again) and benching a lot of weight isn't really a priority.

it's still a bit frustrating using weight that I was using at 40lbs less body weight a few months after returning to the gym after my lay off for school....but I always have my rap stylings to fall back on so I don't get too depressed.