Yesterdays workout

--after each work set, did 12 band pull aparts and either a set of neck or abdominal work

--8 minutes triceps occlusion training, feels good on my elbow and since pressing big weights is not the priority and I was training early served as a good warm-up

--Incline Cable Flys (not a strength move but keep getting stronger, staying controlled and not sacrificing ROM) 12,12,12, 9 (reached failure)

--Spoto Press Neutral Grip Bar (felt good going not really heavy)lets see as we add some--3 sets 5

--Weighted Dips-5,5,5, 2 (failure) ROM with elbow improving still, starting to pile on a little weight

-Juarez Valley Bakers Dozen Floor Flys

--finished off banging the heavy bag

Very solid--chest still feels pumped as I type

Here is a video of the incline cable fly