Sorry for the delay between posts...there wasn't much to cover the past few days. I took a few days off of training and kind of relaxed the diet for a bit because I was starting my contest prep this morning.

I'm currently 16 weeks out and I think I'm in the low 280s still (haven't weighed myself lately.)

Here's what I'm eating on day one of the diet. I'll train legs tonight. Legs would normally be a high carb day, but I had plenty of carbs yesterday, so there's no reason to push them today.

7am: 1 carton egg whites, 1 cup oats with raspberries
10am: 8oz flank steak, 50g carbs sweet potato/white potato mix
12:30pm: 8oz extra lean ground beef, same potato mix
3:30pm: 8oz beef, potatoes
5:00pm: 8oz beef, 1 cup rice
6pm: 120g HBCDs, 60g EAAs
8:30pm: 8oz beef, 1 cup rice