Coronodo 19

Covid-19 has basically shut down the country.  Governors are DICTATING who can go out, what can stay open and how we conduct our lives.

I set ground rules for my gym.  Everyone that trains with me knows I don't mix words.  Do this, or else get out until I tell you to come back.  Simple.  All I did today was make available hand sanitizer, and cleaning wipes to clean equipment before and after each use.  (Novel idea)  Everyone adhered to the game time rules.  We even smell clean for once.

I asked a few "High Risk" people to avoid coming in until I am sure that we aren't going to kill anyone with the virus.  So far, so good.

We need to make sure however, that although the participants are healthy and strong that they don't CARRY the virus home to a compromised person in their own house.

In my 60 years plus on Planet Earth, I have never seen such a tumultuous time.

Be patient, don't hoard, keep clean, drink water, get rest but by all means....




Today's Training:

Ab Wheel: 2x25

Sit ups: 50 reps

Reverse Hyper: Slow and controlled with a momentary pause at the top of the contraction: 3x10x lighter wt.

Three hole Pin Pull for a 2 RM:

GHR: 4x10x mini band

12" Box Step Up: 100 continuous reps on each leg

Concept II Row: 18:00 mins

train stars tee

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