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As soon as you're done laughing at my terrible overhead strength we'll start....it's ok, it's deserved....
Any pressing movement with is doubled up band around your wrists is deemed a Colley Press. Teammate Jason Colley showed me this trick this summer while helping me with some shoulder issues. If you show me a worthwhile exercise I haven't used before it gets named after you.
I feel like this has been a key player in my bench finally starting to move again this summer. The way this was explained to me was when we press our lats activate and pull our humeral head internally. Which when pressing will cause the pinching scraping sensation. I was getting. When this was happening my shoulder would just give out and I couldn't strain on a press at all. The band works through reciprocal inhibition. By stimulating the external rotators of the shoulder we turn down the amount of stimulation of the internal rotators. So the lats don't pull so hard so it helps the humeral head stay where in should. When your humeral head internally rotates your elbows flare out and we all know this is a bad thing. A few of my training partners have tried this and all of them felt that it helps.
Use a mini or monster mini band on all Barbell movements because you lose some of the band pull when both hands are secured on the bar. On dumbbell movements, I usually use a micro mini, some times a mini.

Other movements that this works well with:
-Barbell bench - DB skull crusher
- Db shoulder press- use a neutral grip
- Curls
If you work with overhead athletes I would HIGHLY recommend implementing this especially if you are going to overhead press them. Honestly I would use it on any accessory movement you could. Kill two birds with one stone; get your accessory work in AND get some external rotators work in! Be efficient!