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Whether you are an athlete or lifter you should do some sort of direct work to your adductors once a week most of the year. -
Squat down into a quarter squat. The band goes across your back where your belt line is. Take one of the loops and put it around your knee then take the other loop and put it around the other knee. Stay squatting or the bands will fly off. Roll over on your back and you're ready to go.

Bring your knees all the way together and get a slight stretch in the bottom. Try to keep your low back it may the floor while you're doing the movements. Pause in the top and lower slowly. -
The typical weekly progression usually looks like this.
Wk1- 3x30
Wk2- 120 total
Wk3- 150 total
Wk4- new movement or make this one harder
Most smaller athletes like female cross country can use a light band. Next level up would be 2 lights. Our throwers would use 3 light bands. It's easier to layer light bands on than fight with average or strong bands!
We usually do these on our speed lower days because that is the day designated for our less intensive higher reps movements.