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Stolen from Donnie Thompson! He typically did them as a recovery movement the day after squatting, they worked great for us as a hip accessory movement. These will help balance out all the external rotation work we do with our hips.

Choke your bands around the base of the rack or use a band peg. Hold onto the rack bc the bands are going to pull you back into it.

So 20 leg raises and 20 butterflies. That's one round. I typically stay in the bands and try to go through three times with out rest. Keep your knees straight on the leg raise and toes toward your face. On the butterfly portion, as you pull your legs back to center, rotate your toes inward.

We talked about training the adductors once a week the other day with the groiners. This is another great option.

You will have to adjust the bands to your athletes. - female swimmers- mini band
- baseball guys - light to average band
- veteran throwers- average band
These are starting points. Progress as they get stronger