Do the things you dislike

Being a kid in the 60's and 70's was interesting to say the least.  We had the coolest music, there was a LOT less confusion in the world and everybody hated Commies.

What wasn't cool was canned peas.  I hated canned peas!  Every Tuesday night my mom would make some main food and throw in a side of those damn canned peas.  Gosh, I hated them.

However, my mom was an extremely smart lady.  She would bake an Apple Pie or a Custard Pie on Tuesday as well.

As I sat there pushing stupid canned peas around my plate in hopes that they would simply disappear or magically end up in the dog's mouth, she would lean over and whisper to me..."Darlin' (My mom called me a few choice pet names) you know I made your favorite, PIE for dessert.  IF you eat all of your peas, I'll cut you an extra big slice of pie tonight."  Well...HELLZ ya say!  I would woof those icky peas down so fast I barely had time to hate on them.

See...Momma knew that the reward far outweighed the obstacles.

So I related that story to a bunch of people that hemmed and hawed over today's workout.

"I HATE that Prowler" was said...What I heard?  "I hate peas!"  So the next instruction was..."Go get 'em done FIRST then you can spend the rest of the time on all the fun things".

I then told the participants, that no matter what it is.  No matter how sucky something is, IF you have to do them, might as well get them done first and quickly!

This isn't just for exercises.  This is for all those tedious bullshit things you know you MUST get done yet procrastinate far too long.

Just go get that stuff done first!

"If you have to go through hell, might as well get it done quickly"


Today's Training:

AirDyne: 23 mins.

Bike Commute: 20 min

Prowler: 10x60 yards

Single Arm Farmer Walks 10x60


Bike Commute: 17 mins.

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