Do you keep a "To Go" pack?

I like to know what's coming or to pre plan my day.  I adhere to the "7 P's of Success"

Prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance.   In other words get your day planned and then plan accordingly.

In my program, people know the basic routine.


Tuesday= Bench

Wed= Accessory Work/Conditioning

Thursday= Squat

Friday= Accessory/Conditioning or just Arms

However, to keep things interesting so people can't "Cherry Pick" the days, I MIGHT switch things up, add or subtract something.  People need to be ready for whatever I might throw at them.

I don't wear shoes as most people know.  However, running a Prowler barefooted has it's ouch points.  I keep a pair of training kicks in my backpack.  When a person tells me they didn't bring shoes that day, I shrug my shoulders and wish them well, and good luck.  GO!

Because I don't drive a car, I carry everything I MIGHT need in a backpack, so I pack light.

If you drive a car or truck there is plenty of room to stash enough "stuff" to carry you through at least a weekend.

In my backpack along with a pair of emergency kicks, is a knife, two aspirins, wallet with cash, sunglasses, house and gym keys, toothbrush and toothpaste, a camera, a change of underwear, t shirt, shorts, swimming goggles, and some deodorant.

I am "Good to Go" anywhere for any length of time.

That's all?  Yep...that's all I need!

The plan is to always be "Battle Ready"

How prepared are you?


Today's Training:

AirDyne: 22 minutes

Bike Commute: 18 minutes

Deficit Dead Lift: 4 RM with a PRE of 8

Split Squat: 3x15xBW

Ab Wheel: 3x15

Straight Legged Dead Lift: 3x12

Ab Crunch: 125

Push Ups: 18

Planks: 3x30 seconds

Bike Commute: 17 minutes

Sprints: 6x100

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