Over this past weekend, while a lot of people were in Columbus, Ohio at the "Arnold", some of us stayed in our routines and proceeded to do things that are normal.  Other folks chose to do DUMB stuff.  By others, I mean, ME and by Dumb Stuff, well ...let's just say, once you begin down the road to dumb, things get rolling real easy and fast.

I'm not sure if it was the Full Moon...(Gosh, every time that occurs I end up Nekkid in a trash can somewhere with a sore throat from Howling with the others the next morning) or the change in clocks.  Sleep was DEPRIVED.

Without going into too much detail of the Dumb or why (it just was), Here are my more notable blunders:

1. Assuming ANYTHING

2. Pushing the Pull Door

3. Not considering things to their logical conclusions

4.  Low Blood Sugar = Poor Decisions

5. One beer on an empty stomach in the hot sun with no food   consumed at a HIGH rate of speed.

6. Messing around with other people's feelings

7. Training back and arms the same day you go to Cost Co or Sam's Club

8. Eating MORE steamed clams than you intend later than you normally ingest food.

9. Using a WARPED sense of humor in a real sensitive moment in time.

10. Articulating what was once thought, into blunderful words for a heated conversation

One turned to two which turned to three, four, and five.  What resulted was an amp'd up version all the way to TEN.

There is a real need to "Ground thyself" and consider...

Good thing Lara came in and BUSTED her G.R. for Box Squat'n.