Don't rush the Eating

I'm helping a friend with his nutritional game plan and don't like to talk in a lot of detail about Micros, Macros, and Timing.  I like to keep it as simple as possible with "everyday" hints to keep him on track.

Today I used a dandy (I thought it was pretty easy and neat) with "Don't eat the first thing you reach for when you're hungry".

Stop and read the nutritional value of what your about to consume.

Does it fit your needs?

Can you pick it off a vine or tree in your yard?

Can you pick it up at the market from someone else's yard?

Can you pull it out of water or the ocean?

Is it locally raised?

Is it seasonal?

Is it organic?

Can you pronounce all the ingredients?

How many ingredients beyond what you are reaching for are there?

If you have a hard time justifying it, then I don't recommend eating it.  Choose the NEXT thing you were going to eat...


Today's Training:

Daily this week:

2x15 of the following:

Reverse Hyper

Glute Hamstring Raise

45 degree Back Extension

Side Flexion

Suspended Knees to Elbow

Cable Fly

Hex Dumbell Push ups

DB Lateral Raise

DB Rear Delt Raise


Monday's Main Lift:

Dynamic Dead Lift: 20x1 v. Bands

Single Arm Single Leg Reach: 5x5 on each

Good Mornings: 3x15xbar only

Bike Commute: 18 minutes

Sprint: 10x50 yards at 75%

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