I have a pretty neat program that I do on Saturday mornings.  I open my programming for FREE to ANYONE that wants to participate in a wonderful park that sits behind my house.  I use most of TWO football fields and a sand volleyball court for about 60 minutes.

As we finished today, I looked at the dozen or so people that took advantage of this and thought "well they suck less for doing something others have the opportunity to do but choose NOT to".

I then looked at the "PATH" each dug in the sand as they busted nut to achieve.

The harder they tried, the deeper they dug.

How many people go through their lives NOT digging at all?

As I walked back to my house, it occurred to me...NO ONE!

We say today we'll try harder.  Try harder?  For what...to suck LESS?

Face it, we don't give our all.  NO ONE does unless you are in a Special Operation Group that does most of your work clandestine.  You can argue all you want, but are you truly preparing to give the next moment your all?  If you answer yes, I'm calling bullshit.  You are just trying to suck less!

I'm not going out on a limb here, but I'll bet 99% of us suck at what we do to some degree.

Hell, we have picked our leadership for the past 16 years as to "who sucks less" instead of who is BEST! (I promise...no politics.  The left hate the current leader as much as the right hated the past leader.  I'm here to tell you, NO ASSURE you neither has a diabolical plan to fuck us over!  REALLY!)

I think I'm going to participate in a process of NOT sucking AT ALL instead of sucking less.

The Boppa Rule needs to go back into affect.

Boppa was a gym goer in my old facility that was 100 years old.  Whenever someone asked him, "Boppa, how ya doing?"  His answer was always the same...He immediately replied with a crooked smile and a hunched back and that wonderful sideways look and say..."100%"

He didn't suck AT ALL!

Don't suck less.  Don't suck at ALL!!!


Today's Training:

Pop Your Heart

Jog as a warm up: 1/2 mile

10x10 yard warm up jogs @50%-60%

5 side way shuffles to EACH side of 10 yard length

Walking forward lunge with BACKWARD over the head reach X 3

Sprint: 40 yards x 5 @75%

Tempo Sprints: 4x50 left or right foot count in place

Tempo Sprint: Same rhythm with increasing stride length @50 yards x 3


1x100 yards @90%

1x200 yards @90%

1x300 yards @90%


Sand Pit:

10x length of volleyball court suicides with the first shuttle at the net

10 side to side shuttles w/ forward running exit.