In today’s Log I want to talk about why I believe that Drug Companies Want You Sick and are not trying to help you. Some of you will be pounding your fists in the air after reading this and some will be screaming for my cancellation because I am insensitive and a caveman. Either way, I don’t really care. So, let me issue a Trigger Warning for the Weak of Mind-don’t read this if you are not open to someone else’s opinion and perspective. 

I can’t tell you how many ads I see on television for drugs of all sorts, and I am not talking about over the counter drugs. I am talking about prescription only drugs. And it makes my blood boil.

And forget the social media advertising aimed at kids. That is just fucking criminal. Kids minds are easily molded and changed by outside forces, such as peer groups, teachers and advertising. Bombard them with ads for medications for mental health problems and they’ll ask for the drugs.

I say this as a fact. I’ve seen it.    

Are you kidding me, drug companies are allowed to advertise prescription drugs?

That just doesn’t sit right with me, and it shouldn’t with you. As a matter of fact, the rest of the world seems to agree. The USA and New Zealand are, according to Google, the only two countries that allow this to happen. I can’t speak for New Zealand, but I can speculate at why it is allowed here.

The Drug Lobby and corruption of our elected representatives from BOTH parties.

No one is innocent here, the politicians hate each and every one of us and only want to get rich.  They make a shitload of money from things that should be illegal but are only quasi illegal. And we suffer for it. Drug marketing is a part of the picture, but it goes so much deeper. That is a topic for another article, on a different site though.

Why don’t other countries allow for drug advertisement?

Well, again, according to the Google machine:

“Direct to Consumer Advertising of prescription pharmaceuticals is banned in most countries due to perceived deleterious effects on rational prescribing, pharmaceutical expenditure, and health outcomes.”

The operative word there is deleterious.

  • del·e·te·ri·ous
  • adjective
  • causing harm or damage.

This should be common sense. If you bombard people with advertising for products, they BUY them. That should be a simple concept that we all understand.

Drug companies hire marketing firms to MARKET their products to us so they can make billions in profits. They also market directly to the doctors. They do this because they need to sell their drugs. Drug companies don’t want you healthy. Drug Companies Want You Sick.

Think about that. If they wanted you cured, they would advertise other things. They need you on the drugs so they have lifetime customers. How many drugs are out there that you can’t just stop taking too?

If you stop them too soon, or improperly, the list of side effects is unreal. Right up to suicide. I don’t know about you, but I am not interested in taking a drug that makes me suicidal if I stop.

But that’s me.

What is the job of the advertising and the marketing department?

It’s twofold.

1. To separate you from your money.

2. To create a constant supply of people clamoring for your product.

Well, the drug companies have this down to a science.

And what about the fact that they can give you virtually untested drugs that they don't even know if they work? And, these same drugs are 100% untested for long term side effects?  That should terrify you.

Phen-Fen, and the Vaxx come to mind quickly.

Phen-Fen was rushed to market quickly and KILLED people.

Don't get me going on the other subject.

Imagine if the rules for consumer safety with products applied to drugs?

I’d guess that there would be a lot less of them on the market.

And what about the fact that you can essentially pay the FDA to push your drug to market?

Didn’t know this?

Do some reading, off Google.

Now, let’s get this out there: I am not a fan of government regulation or interference in almost anything, ok.

I’m going to expand on that in a moment. Stay with me. 

I think most of us reading this site and my logs are aware that many health issues, both physical and mental can be improved or eliminated by modifying your behavior/lifestyle, exercise patterns and nutrition.  Nutrition may be the biggest one.

Let’s use me as an example.

7 weeks ago I went to the doctor for a pre surgical check up.  My blood pressure was so high I could have had a stroke at any moment. The doctor advised immediate medication but I declined and suggested lifestyle modification.

After a brief discussion, he agreed. I quit dipping my usual 3 cans of Skoal a day and stopped consuming my beloved Jameson.

Guess what?

My blood pressure was back down to normal range in a week. And it still is. No drugs. I understand this is one example, but lifestyle changes instead of drugs are always better. And they work more often than not.

Let’s get back to government interference shall we?

First, I don’t think the government should be able to say anything about what I need to do or what I can do, what I can own, or anything else. I also feel that there should be minimal regulations on business. The market should sort things out.


Well let’s just say the in the animal kingdom, the weak and lame don’t lead the herd. But look at government.

We have some of the weakest and least intelligent leading us. They also possess a near zero level of morals and ethics. Plus, they fuck up or get wrong everything they touch.

But, in this case, I do feel something must be done and it may take legislation to stop the advertising of drugs.

On the other hand, we know that Drug Companies Want You Sick, and the government hates you, what if……

Let’s pretend that the government actually had your best interest at heart. I know it is going to be hard.

They immediately ban advertising for prescription drugs.

A legitimate study is funded to track changes in health of the population over the next 24 months based on changes implemented based on suggestions from legit health experts and exercise experts. 

Changes would be something like this:

Starting at the pre-school level, all kids are required to get off screens for the majority of the day.

They are required to go outside in the morning and the afternoon get at least 15 minutes of direct sunlight.

Phys Ed classes will be conducted daily for at least 90 minutes and are age appropriate (disguised as play for the younger ones and more structured as the get older)

Increased funding for sports

All food provided to the students is locally sourced, preferably organic, not processed and prepared fresh in the school with no chemicals, preservatives or seed oils. This “diet” for the kids in school is heavily based off protein from meat, eggs and some fish. It also has healthy fats like olive oil, grass fed butter and nuts, along with a wee bit of complex carbs and fruits.

If you put daily movement with free play, minimal screen time and a high protein, not processed diet on play  how soon do you think the obesity epidemic, the mental health issue we see too frequently and the massive list of meds kids are on will begin to turn around?

Months, not years.

And then our new imaginary non-dystopian government implements similar rules for the adult population at work places and in general.

And then doctor's actually start doctoring and not doing the drug reps bidding.

They would discuss lifestyle and nutrition (after the got educated on it) and then make suggestions that did not need drugs to help the CAUSE of the problem, not the SYMPTOM.

As an example, barring an emergency with no other alternative, a doctor would give a prescription to a patient that covered Personal Training, proper nutrition (not the hospital dietician bullshit)  and behavior modification support.

It may even, if you are a fan of this type of thing which I am not, subsidize or pay for healthy locally grown and raised food free of all the poison for this patient.

How soon do we think the researchers  would see drastic improvements in many physical and mental health issues WITHOUT  the use of drugs?

I’d suggest it would be within weeks. And a funny coincidence, a big part of the improvement would be the reduction in consumed chemicals and seed oils. Drugs are chemicals kids.

Many of, maybe even most of our mental and physical health problems can be at the minimum, improved and at best cured by eating well, moving and exercising daily, avoiding screens and social media and getting sunlight and fresh air.

The drug companies know this. But, Drug Companies Want You Sick. Imagine if we all started doing the things discussed here on a regular basis and made it part of our days?

Drug company profits would plummet and they’d be out of business.

I’d be ok with that.


Get your schedule cleared.

I’ll be flying to Ohio next week to be on Table Talk with Dave.

We had to postpone my appearance due to the surgery.

It’s gonna be a good one.

If you have questions you want answered on the podcast, leaved a comment.

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March 10, 2023

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