Dynamic Days are good to Dial up Technique

Because the weights are lighter, it is much easier to teach technique and or a new skill or cue.

If you walked into my gym this morning you would have been greeted with "Root your feet!!!" and another glorious one that we all know and love..."Sit fucking BACK!!!"

If you have any question about "Rooting the feet" Please, please...PLEASE refer to CJ Murphy's TPS video and coaching blog.  There is no better explanation.

To hear these queue's for yourself, you'd have to travel to my gym for the abuse. hahahahaha

Three guys did just that today.

Two more want to be added tomorrow.

And one FNG got added to the program because he was in the right place at the right time.

FNG= Fucking New Guy


Today's Training:

AirDyne: 21 minutes

Dynamic Squat:

2x2x wt  (50%  of max)

2x2x wt + 1 set of chains

2x2x wt + 2 sets of chains

2x2x wt + 3 sets of chains

2x2x wt + 4 sets of chains

2x2x wt + 5 sets of chains


We used chains today only because someone was asking me if I ever use them.  They were sitting there and I felt they needed to take a ride.

Box Jump: 10x1 @ 24"

GHR: 4x10

Bike Commute: 17 minutes

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