Expect More

If you think small then small is what you'll get.  I speak calmly and with NO DOUBT in my tone or voice when I tell the people my level of expectation versus their Perceived Rates of Exertion.

They may give it a number too high and I will respond with, "No...that can't be right.  That last lift was far too easy.  Put another plate on!"  But then, I expect them to lift it.

95% of the time they will advance the weight and do the reps and then tell me their PRE was the same number that they gave me prior at the lighter weight.

EXPECT MORE and you will GET MORE.


Today's Training:

AirDyne: 22 minutes  Yes, the air quality still is "Unhealthy" in the Bay Area

Pre/Re Hab Exercises

2 Rep Dead Lift w/ a PRE of 8

everyone got big numbers today.  Even Big Jim M. who is 83 years old. Pulled 10 more pounds than his last time.

Paulo pulled 50 lbs more.

Donovan, yoked 500 for a deuce.

Reverse Hyper: 4x10

Single Leg Squat: 5x5

Single Arm/Contralateral straight leg raise: 5x5xwt

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