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Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log: (Log number LII). “FINISHING TOUCHES”
The purpose of this log is to show you the final heavy squat day for powerlifer Robert Bain, as he is now less than 2 weeks out from his next meet. Robert is a RAW (no-wraps/no knee sleeves) powerlifter in the 242LB weight class. Robert is newer to competition as this will be his 4th powerlifting competition. .

With the training cycle over there has to be that final day or two of training. In my experience, the stronger the lifter as well as the more seasoned the lifter, the less weight they will use that final week as it takes them considerably longer for their CNS to recover from an all out max effort session. The newer lifters, or those with fewer meets under their belts and who do not yet have that elite title can get away with a little heavier of a final couple of sessions. For many of the newer lifters, a heavier final few sessions works for them almost as a confidence builder. Robert being newer to the game, but not a novice to the competition scene can still train near red line during the final couple of sessions as he is still making huge gains each and every couple months. Having said that, he would not train near redline for reps as that would be too CNS taxing. As his p.r.’s become less frequent as the weight he is hefting nears that elite range and above, it will take him far greater effort to achieve that amount of weight, thus the CNS becomes a factor to keep in mind with regard to the training cycle and final few weeks out from the meet. Juxtapose newer lifters or lifters in Robert’s strength and experience range with Steve, one of our 1,000LB squatters and WPC World Powerlifting Champions (Steve, who will also be competing at the meet) you will see a difference in his final few training sessions. Steve’s last total blow out max effort squat session was some weeks back where he took 1,010LBS for a ride as it took him a far greater amount of time to recover from that amount of weight. So, final training days when it comes to the years in the sport, pure and absolute strength levels and the like, are apples to oranges. This is important to note.

At the MGG we deload a full 10 days prior to the meet regardless of RAW or gear, experience level etc. We have an article in our article section explaining why 10 is the chosen amount of days for 99% of the team. Finally, the last few weeks out from the meet the commands come in as for the newer to intermediate experienced lifters sometimes miss a lift by missing commands and we want to avoid those types of mistakes. In the video you will hear some of the commands.

Robert’s training session for the day :
Warm up Dynamic stretches/ bands Car Buffer (ala Clint Darden) used throughout on my back/quads/groin/adductors/abductors Squats Bw squats w/pause 55lb barx8 145x6 235x3 325x2 415x2 465x1 505x1 Working 555x1 585x, 605x1 Deads 225x2 315x1 405x1 495x1 585x1 Working 645x1 675 miss Shut it down Cool down Light stretching more Car Buffer

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