When you hear the word "fit" most of us especially the "professionals" have an idea of what we

I use the word as an acronym for the formula of exercise volumes and type.

F.= Frequency or how many times per week a person exercises

I.= Intensity or how hard each workout is going to be.

T.= Time or how long a single session will be.


Those are the variables that I work with.  As an example, if the frequency is HIGH, then you shouldn't be that intense especially if the time is going to be long.  Far better to even shorten that if necessary.

If the workout is INTENSE then it should be infrequent and shorter in duration.  You can go long or your can go hard, but you can't go hard very long.

If the exercise bout is going to be short, it should then be intense.

Now the adjustments of the formula depends upon individual training age.  No not that old man stuff, but how "seasoned" is the athlete?  The more seasoned the less requirements to make those gains.

Lastly, it is goal driven.  A person who only wants to look good naked isn't going to receive the same Exercise Recommendations that a person who is preparing for a Meet or the start of a sport season.

As for me???  I'm working on Immortality and everyday I wake up, I PR that shit.

Radically Super F.I.T.  bwahahahahaha


Today's Training:

AirDyne: 23 minutes

Floor Press: 4 RM with a PRE of 8

OHP: 3x10x +10 lbs more than last week's five sets

Face Pulls: 100 reps

Bike Commute: 17 minutes.  Yep, there was a person way up the path and he didn't know I was back there stalking him in the third stage of the Tour de France.

Sprints: 5x100 yards

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