This was on Tuesday (Fluff Arm workout)

because of elbow and how arms get hit a ton indirectly throughout the week---everything this day is not heavy and done in a very strict muscle intention style (focus is on the muscle) not moving the weight from point A to Point B as explosively as possible

--Occlusion Training 10 Minutes Triceps Pushdowns to bicep curls on machine, back and fourth in a circuit style (only break 10 foot walk)  Lost track of # sets but was very pumped

-zottman curl 5 sec negative--superset with overhead rope ext 5 sec eccentric--4 sets 6 (on each)

-decline tate press 5 sec eccentric 3 sets 8

-garhammer raises and neck work throughout

-Heavy bag (one of those days were everything felt perfect, every punch felt fast, on point, powerful)

Weds (did 12 hill sprints all out in 15 minutes) Had to go to the local redneck fishing part, I think the stoners ditching school on the top of the hill were extremely uneasy with my sprints--here is a video of #12

Everything is feeling great--limit strength, conditioning, speed & most importantly family life, life is great!