For Monday 5/4/2020

Here we go...Another month and you all have been patient as a fisherman in an empty pond.

Today we are going to start getting back to a more normalized session.

You are going to need an object that is grabable (my own word) at the knee height.

A barbell

A sideways chair

A sandbag

A midget

A sturdy box

Something that we can simulate a Dead Lift from about a three pin height.

Let's DL that thing explosively for 10 x 2


Now we will need a 12 or 16 inch box to box jump UP onto

10x2 is the set x rep count again


You will need a table high enough to dangle your legs straight down while laying across it with only your torso.  (A reverse hyper simulation)

4 x 10 reps done slowly


Calf Raise: 100 reps.


Condition:  10x10 yard skips

10x50 yard Sprints @75%


These won't feel great, but they should be too awful either.  Open up the stride and try to imagine yourself running like a cheetah.  yea, right.  I always think I look like Carl Lewis when I run sprints, but now these days...I probably look more like a metronome just rocking back and forth.  Hey...everyone has a dream, yea?


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