For the Tuesday after Memorial Day. 2/26/2020

Incline a bench 2-6 inches, no more!

Incline Fly/Incline Press super set: 3x12  See if you can add some weight to these.  I know it might be hard, but an additional 5 to 10 lbs would be great.

Flat Fly/Flat DB type Press super set:3x12

Pushup/Dip Super Set: 3x12

DB Type Supine (on your back) Tricep Extension: 3x12


New Exercise:

Plank Push Up- From a front plank elbows on the floor, POWER UP into a front support or the "starting position" of a push up.  Then lower slowly without impacting your elbows on the floor.

These are BRUTAL!!!


Run:  5x100 yards before it gets TOO hot!

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