For Tuesday 6/9/2020

I just read that CNBC (of all people) covered the story held by the World Health Order, who said...The healthy person has no issue and wearing a mask is useless.


Side to Side Push up: 4x10

From a normal push up position, move your left hand over to your right, then move your right over to a normal plank and do a push up.  Now move your right over to the left, then the left over into a normal plank and do another push up.  THAT equals ONE rep.

Dynamic Push-up: 15x3

Start by lying totally down on the floor.  Hands under your shoulder as if you will be doing a normal push up.  Tighten EVERYTHING up and I mean everything...and explode up so that your hands leave the floor.

Upon touching, absorb the shock and go all the way down to the floor as you return to the resting position.  Do TWO more reps making the set of three.

Take no less than 30 seconds between sets and no more than 60

Contralateral limb raise: 4x15

Lie facedown with arms outstretched and palms facing each other.

Slowly lift one arm a few inches off the floor, keeping it straight without rotating your shoulders and keeping head and torso still. Hold the position, then lower your arm back down. Repeat on the other side.

For an extra challenge, lift the opposite leg a few inches off the floor at the same time.

Lateral Raise: 4x15

For dumbbells, grab two cans or bottles of water or milk.  Stand up straight,

From the "holster" lift the arms out to either side until parallel with the floor.

For a little extra, lift a bit higher by engaging the traps.

Front Raise: 4x15 * New addition

From the "holster" lift the arms straight forward instead of out to either side, until parallel with the floor.

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