For Wed. 5/28/2020 You are about to really POP YOUR HEART



10 min easy spinning

Main Set

4 x 5 min at  (PRE 7/8) with an easy 2-min recovery after each 5-min segment
3 x 3 min at  race pace (PRE 9/10 with easy 1-minute spin after each 3-min segment.
Steady  (RPE 7) until you reach 60 min.


1 x 5 min. building into  (PRE 7/9) by the final minute.
1 x 15 min. continuing (RPE 7/10) holding a steady pace. This should be just a bit slower than your 10K race pace

If you don't know what your 10K race pace feels like someone reaching in and squeezing your heart and lungs at the same time.


5-10 min gradual cool-down

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