FREE Macro Calculator

I wanted to let my Elitefts family know that I truly appreciate their support as I transition (at least temporarily!) from training for powerlifting meets to training for bodybuilding shows. As part of my thank-you, I’ve published a free macro calculator on my website that you can download by clicking through to the YouTube video below and following the directions there!

A few cliff notes from the video:

  • This program is for people who have some experience eating clean, but not in setting up a structured diet. Seasoned competitors won’t benefit much from it.
  • It’s super simple, as most of my programs are. Simple works!
  • Your diet must be based off your current starting point (you can’t start a new diet completely at random and expect it to work). You can figure out your maintenance level calories by tracking your macros over a few days at
  • This plan is based on a 40/30/30 macro split because it’s easier to customize to your preferences. Furthermore, we try to stack most of our carbohydrates around training to maximize energy levels and protein synthesis at that time.
  • Your off day calories are lower to account for your decreased activity level.
  • INTRAWORKOUT IS CRUCIAL. Using this plan, your intraworkout intake will change based on your goals, but no matter what, you need some protein intake (ideally leucine) during training.
  • Eat clean. Don’t eat like an asshole.
  • Seriously, in my opinion, eating healthy foods is BY FAR the most important component of body composition (yes, more than calories in vs. calories out). I know this will be controversial; it’s my opinion, and I don’t feel the need to defend it. Sorry!
  • Eat nutrient dense food when eating to lose fat and calorie dense foods when eating to build muscle.
  • Cheat meals: sub one meal per week with whatever you want, but keep the calories for that meal within 2-3 times the listed caloric intake for that meal.

Hope this helps!


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