Friday Not a normal sun's out, but Sky is out

Typically, Friday is reserved for "Suns Out;Gun's Out" training. Since we will be in a Hockey Rink in NorCal this weekend we needed to do our squat/DL today. Therefore, "Sky's out; Thigh's Out"

GHR 2x10

Pull Down Abs: 2x10x110

2 Pad Pull: Work up to a heavy triple. Wait and pull one more single

Dynamic Squat: 8x2x395


Reverse Hyper:


Hang'n Hip Backs


Ok,ok,ok...k....k this is a pretty cool intro. I will admit it, having someone "announcing" you as you head into a Restaurant or a StarBucks (I've never been inside one, but if I did...)

You surely would have been kicked out of class had this happen to you and your buddies.

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Org's Thursday:

THURSDAY 10/23/14 med/heavy upper day i right and left rotator cuff warmups

2.dumbell floor r.arm presses 1x30x10 1x40x10 1x50x10 1x60x10 1x75x12


4.right arm dumbell row 30x10 40x10 50x10 65x8 rows both arms 4x10 with 3-5sec. holds

6.floor press with a 15pd curl bar 3x20 supersetted with ext. while i was already down in the damn floor anyways, (going to start strenghining l. shoulder a litte more each week, have been ok by dr.) this is going to be a very long road, BUT I AM GETTING BETTER EVERY DAMN DAY. TO ADD TO THIS GOAL IM GOING TO TRY AND LOSE 15-20PDS BY NOV.18 THATS I BELIEVE 3 AND A HALF WEEKS, SO IM LEANING MORE TOWARDS 12-15 HAHAHAHA THANKS

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