The real trick is to fully inhabit the moment. To resist being excitedly pulled into our future and near future. Nor to become prey to being dragged back into our past. Oh, we love to reminisce and the nostalgia seems to get better with age. As for the future, we are just nuts for the "next thing." We can't wait!

This is especially true if the past or our hoped-for future seems better than the present we find ourselves in. But to drift either way for too long is to lose our life. Learning to be comfortable in what we are experiencing right now is not something our Western world teaches us. We are constantly pushing forward, forward, forward. We never have time to SAVOR. To BASK. To just BE. We are always going somewhere. Somewhere ELSE.

The challenge is to cut it out. To slow down and be where we are. To engage and ENJOY the place we are in. What's so great about the next step? What's so bad about where we are? Nothing. It is the best of all possible worlds in the truest of Panglossian perceptions. In any case, it is the best reality we have!

Where are you right now? Just stop and look around and let go of the past and future. Give yourself permission to drop out of the rat race for just a short while. Can you just be where you are and be totally OK with that? Why not? Really, why not?!

Try to take six breaths without thinking of a past or future event. You are fine. You are OK. Right here and right now is pretty good, is it not?

Please try to enjoy it for just what it is...REALITY. You might like it more than you'd expect. Be GLAD you are who you are, and be GLAD you are where you are. In a word BE. And be good at it!