JM Blakley

JM is known for being the namesake of the JM Press, breaking numerous world records, holding multiple degrees including an MA in Strength and Athletic Conditioning and Ph.D.'s in Exercise Physiology and Metaphysical Sciences, and more. JM credits a mastery of the basics as the ultimate driving force behind human achievement. His coaching philosophy is based on the idea that the basics can be used by anyone to achieve greatness.

  • Tests

    We can't avoid all of the struggles life throws at us, but we can choose how we react to them. Your outlook makes all the difference.

  • The Best

    Being your best isn't a destination, but an everyday feat.

    The Best

    If you can pick up weights, you can pick up a book.


    Stop doubting anything about your potential. Leave it open ended and work like crazy to FIND OUT!

  • Goals

    I like this way much better than just GETTING there. I enjoy GOING there. Perhaps you will too.

  • Thoughts on Thanksgiving

    My opinion about the topic may hold weight because I used to eat like this EVERY SINGLE DAY! To you... it's Thanksgiving. To me... it's just Thursday. I'm sort of an expert on the overeating thing.

    Thoughts on Thanksgiving
  • Pass the Baton

    If you coach, please do not co-opt your athletes' success. We have had a torch passed to us as coaches from when we ourselves were athletes. Now, it is our turn.

    Pass the Baton
  • Forgive The Weak

    You can only act like the big guy if you are standing by people smaller than you. Why look askance at the week? What can you do with an 880-pound squat that someone with a 440-pound squat can't do?

    Forgive The Weak
  • Achievement is a Bondage

    Existential philosopher Albus Camus said, "An achievement is a bondage. It obliges one to another achievement." At first blush, you may be disinclined to agree with Camus. I was. Our weight room mentality has little tolerance for this kind of unhinging from achievement. We can ALWAYS try to lift one more pound. And we do!

    Achievement is a Bondage
  • Dumping the Bucket

    Your training is like filling a bucket. When it is time to give it all and dump the bucket in competition, whatever you filled the bucket up with comes pouring out. If you had shitty training, you end up with shit flowing out. If you had solid training, you'll have a bucket of gold.

    Dumping the Bucket
  • Check: Goals, Strategies, and Tactics

    Go your way. Create your own strategy. Find a new way. It may take you a long time, and cost you a fortune, but that is of no import. You will be where you want to be and you will have a better story to tell.

    Check: Goals, Strategies, and Tactics
  • At The Crossroads

    That come-to-Jesus moment when you have exhausted the limits of the technique and exposed its shortcomings is precisely when you should re-evaluate your thinking. YOU ARE AT THE CROSSROADS, MY FRIEND. Congrats!

    At The Crossroads