You say, "I don't have time"! My reply, "BULLSH*T!" This is categorically the absolute WORST excuse you can possibly offer.

First, it is not true.

Second it assumes that the person you are offering it to does not understand HOW TIME WORKS! Yeah, I struggle with understanding Einstiens ideas about how time is affected by gravity and speed too. But thats NOT how we all understand time. Lets concern ourselves with ordinary minutes, hours, and days, shall we? Relativity aside.

Here's the deal. You dont have ANY LESS TIME THAN ANYBODY ELSE.

We all get exactly the same amount each day. 24 hours. Nobody has any more time than you do. Nobody has less. We all get an equal portion. Time plays no favorites. God is invariable about this. If you got up today, you were given exactly 24 hours to do with as you CHOOSE.

To pretend that somehow you are disadvantaged with a shortage of time is insipid. Idiotic. Juvenile. Inaccurate. Its simply not true. You got your 24 just like everybody else did. Stop saying you don't have time. What you should say is "I am not going to USE the precious time that I have to do...x, y, or z "

That's what you mean ,isn't it?

Not the lie that you are handicapped for time, but rather that you are making a conscious choice NOT to use your time for one thing in favor of another. You have the time...BUT YOU MUST CHOOSE WHAT TO DO WITH IT!

You are shooting for some kind of pardon when you pretend you are willing to and wanting to do one thing but then betray that willingness when you choose against it. You are trying to blame the lack of time for a decision that you have made. You want off the hook for giving your time to one choice at the expense of another option.

There is a saying about cake and the consumption thereof that comes to mind. And THAT'S the rub isn't it? The real difficulty is not time, but free will! You can not choose to travel to Paris and Munich at the same time! So what will it be? Croissants or Wiener schnitzel? It is dishonest to say, "I WANTED to go to Germany, but I didn't have time." Oh but you DID! The fact that you are sipping wine at a cafe tre bon has nothing to do with a dearth of time but everything to do with your choice to buy tickets to France instead of Germany.

Stop the ruse that it isn't your choices that have put you where you are and that you are buffeted about by the constraints of time. You are not. Any more than we all are. It is your choices and their consequences that you are seeking to run from when you play the time card. You had TIME to do A or B, this or that. But you CHOSE B. Don't blame time when you don't get A.

It seems to me that people try to pull the time excuse when they choose poorly. An innocuous example is in dieting. Ive heard that someone choose fast food instead of normal food and then offered up that they WANTED to eat well...BUT JUST DIDN'T HAVE TIME! Really? Explain to me the mechanism by which time was the culprit in shoving sh*t down your throat? How did the lack of time come in to play precisely? I'm sorry, I don't get the connection. I need it spelled out more clearly. What I do see clearly is the decision that was made to eat one thing in favor of another. The MINUTES spent eating the food does not appear to me to be a factor. Time is not your whipping boy to absolve you of crappy decisions.


What this boils down to is this: we must begin to become fully accountable for our choices. We must hold OURSELVES responsible for the direction our lives take. It is up to us because too many other people will allow you to shirk it. They want the same consideration from you when they don't come through, so when you low ball, they pretend they don't see it. They want you to look the other way when they do. This is a dangerous bargain. Steer clear. Hold yourself up to the responsibility and consequences of your choices and actions. Quit saying that it was a lack of time that prevented you from doing something. Recognize that it was simply a decision to put that time in another place for a different purpose. If we fail ourselves in doing this, we will go along learning little about how IMPORTANT it is to CONSIDER CAREFULLY where to put our time. This is paramount. You have 24 hours today. If you "run out" of time for the important things, you will do well to go back through
Go back through the day and look for hours that were spent doing something less than worthwhile. What if you had them NOW? You would not be "out of time" for the important thing, would you? Well, before you squandered DID have them. Don't become upset or judgemental here. LEARN SOMETHING! Learn the value of making the effort to MANAGE the precious time you get! Learn. Don't get all defensive or down trodden for having lost a day. Or a week. Or a ...well, you get it. No, just see the value of planning to use your time more in line with your desires.
If you keep falling back on the no time excuse you wont make any changes. You'll mistakenly believe that its times fault and not the result of your choices. The good news is that time management is a skill and can be learned and improved. Get on the internet and see! TIME IS THE MOST VALUABLE THING WE HAVE. Here is why I believe this concept is so vitally important.
The INESCAPABLE fact is that we spend money and time in much the same ways. We choose where they go. The cardinal difference is that when you spend money, you can make more. But when you spend time, it is gone for good. There is no way to accrue more.
You get 24 hours today and you MUST SPEND THEM ALL. You cant save time like you can save money. There is no time bank to use it at a later date. Make no WILL spend all your time today. You will be back down to zero at the end of the day. Start with 24, end at 0. We all are in the same boat. Hopefully you wake up tomorrow and start again with 24.
Maybe not. But if you do, the most pressing question will be...WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH IT?