I have said this before but it is still true no how many times I do...you don't OWN anything. It is ALL rented. And rent comes due EVERY DAY.
If you persist under the illusion that you can possibly own something and it is really yours, I will attempt to dispossess you of the spell you are under. I submit that everything you think you have will either go away on its own or be left to someone else when you go away on your own. It has been said that one thing they cant take away from you is your memories...you always have those. If you believe this you have never had a family member suffer dementia or alzheimer's.

Even if you are successful in avoiding these maladies, good luck with your eternal memories when you age. It will be a rude awakening for you. If you are over forty you already know you cant keep them very well at all. And if you actually believe that you are the same person you were 10 years ago or will be the same person you are now 10 years hence, you have a poverty of imagination. You don't even own the you that you think you will always be!

You are renting the ideas and viewpoints you have. Do you still believe in Santa? Rented. They are only temporary. Just like ALL THE REST. This should not be upsetting. In fact it means that you are not stuck. You can ( and should) change. Adapt or perish in a Darwinian way.

This is good.

But you must pay your rent every day.

If something is the way you wish it to be, pay up. Yeah, the whole sum. You get to keep using it longer. If something is found wanting, pay the price to change it. Yeah, the whole sum. We own nothing. We rent and borrow everything from our physical cells in our bodies ( like red blood cells that die after exactly 90 days) to our ideas and even our personalities and beliefs. And obviously our possessions like cars, clothes and all that other sh@t we accrue. So embrace that reality.

Be committed to paying your rent on what you want to keep using and to paying the price for anything you wish to begin to use. In the gym this seems like it should be self-evident.

Then why do I see so many trying to cut corners or pay at a discount?

No discount. No short cut. Pay up. Rent is due. Everyday.