This is too good to wait for a better write up. It is STAND ALONE GOOD. I heard a quote yesterday from a young teacher working with the absolute worst kids in the country. Thats right, the worst performing kids in the worst performing school in our nation. They had a .014 gpa on a 4 point scale. It seems like to get that low you would literally have to TRY TO FAIL. The sheer ODDS would seem to dictate that you would be right ON ACCIDENT sometimes! These kids were always wrong. But of course, it was a success story and they could not beat her good attitude out of her. She has a 73% graduation rate and if you move it out to 6 years an 85% rate. In other words, she took the worst kids she could find with the absolute lowest chances for success in the worst possible conditions and she made them just like your kid. A high school graduate. (Ok, maybe not exactly like your kid, but they have the same credential now and THAT gives them a shot!). And think about their attitude! And their confidence! Wow.

So here it is for you. This is the quote she gave me that was my big take away..."You have to show ALL THE WAY up". Getting through the door is not enough. It is a beginning. But its not gonna get you there. There will be tons of work to do. And it is going to take EVERYTHING YOU CAN MUSTER. So if you dont "show ALL the way up", you're not going to prevail. Wow. Ok. I'm sold.
The very next workout you have as you pass through the door, ask yourself if you are showing all the way up. Are you FULLY PRESENT? Did you bring your A Game? Are you totally committed to this workout? Or something similar. But I'm sticking with "showing all the way up". You've heard that you have to "show up". But this girl is asking much more of her failing students to pull themselves out. She's asking them to bring ALL they've got. It will take nothing less for them. She knows that. So she makes it clear to them, just as she did to gotta show ALL THE WAY up.

Dwell just on that phrase until it comes alive for you. Keep asking yourself what it means TO YOU.
I hope you find as much power in it as I have.