Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log: By MGG owner, 2-Time WPC World Powerlifting Champion, Eric Maroscher.
This installment of the Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log features Monsterettes Juju, Crystal (#1 ranked women’s RAW deadlifter on the powerlifting watch ranking), and Mz. Dawn (2010 AWPC World RAW Bench Press Champion and former AWPC World RAW bench press record holder).

The purpose of this log is to take a peek into a training session featuring competitive women powerlifters. The women’s team aka Monsterettes, at the Monster Garage Gym is comprised of the seriously successful women in today’s competition circuit. This coaching log (both video and written) take you through these three ladies' training for the day (Crystal, squat training and Juju and Mz. Dawn’s deadlift training).


The footage in the accompanying video captures a good chunk of Crystal, Juju and Mz. Dawn's training from the day. *The training footage in this video was filmed in HD, so let it load to 720 or 1080 for HD quality.

We hope you find this video and log as a whole of use to you in your training. Please let us know by your comment(s) if these logs are useful to you and what we can do to make the better, or what you already like about them.

As always, thank you for following the Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher coaching log. We hope you found this log and our other prior logs of benefit to you. Ever Onward, Eric Maroscher.
Juju’s Training Log:
Deadlifts 135 x 4 (conventional) 135 x 4 (sumo) 185 x 4 (conventional) 185 x 4 (sumo) 225 x 2 (conventional) 225 x 2 (sumo) 275 x 3 290 x 5 x 3 Rack Pulls 135 x 5 225 x 5 315 x 5 405 x 4 435 x 3 Shrugs 135 x 3 x 20 Leg Press 3 x 10 (feet wide) 3 x 10 (feet close) Finished up with some light cardio. Sprint forward with the sled & 1 plate. Walked down backwards.

Mz. Dawn’s Training Log:
135x5 2 sets conventional and sumo
185x3 1 set conventional and sumo
225x3 1set conventional and sumo
275x3 1set conventional and sumo
300x3 3 sets conventional
Rack pulls
225 to burnout 3 sets
Leg press 3 sets of 7 reps
Ran 1 mile outside

Crystal’s Training Log:
Squats, RAW with knee sleeves, then wrap with the 55LB Pasanella bar.
BarX5 145X5 235X3 285X3 325X3 Wraps 355x3 385x3x4 405x3
Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher coaching log by:
Eric Maroscher, 2-Time WPC World Powerlifting Champion, Columnist, Elitefts, Team Elitefts Member, Owner, Monster Garage Gym.

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