Glass that is Half Full v. Half Empty

As I have matured I have realized that you have choices throughout the day to be an optimist or a pessimist.   I've learned to let bullshit go and not take anything personal unless it is about me or involves me.

Most of the time, even with the amount of pessimist in the world (and some don't think they are until it is pointed out, and not by me) I try to limit the input into my bullshit meter.

Here it is on a glorious Throat Punch Thursday and a long weekend approaches, I almost bought into the glass half empty guy/gal.

No matter the upbeat attitude I carry, the "sky is falling" person SUCKS the wind out of my lungs and the overall toxicity feels backbreaking.

The best thing to do is focus on the good things (even though most would agree, that can be hard to find, but look as I must) that are right in front of you.

Focus on the top three rules in my house:

1. What of 12 things made you laugh?

2. Who did you help?

3. What new thing have you learned today?

So tomorrow, when you wake up, CHOOSE to be a glass that is  half full person.


Today's Training:

Airdyne: 26 minutes

Forward Stepping Lunge: 5x20

Hip Circle Side Walk: 5x20 each direction

Narrow Stance Good Morning: 5x10

Medium Stance Good Morning: 5x10

Wide Stance Good Morning: 5x10

Suspended Knees to Elbow: 3x12

Ab Crunch: 100

Bike Commute: 19 minutes

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