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THIS WEEK’S Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log: GOING OFF-ROAD TO GET BACK ON TRACK


This Week’s Coaching Log:
Sometimes the weights are moving like they have been hollowed out and other times they feel like they are welded to the ground. Often times when we hit those sticking points we keep plugging away and we are back in the groove. Other times we are plagued with an ever growing rut and all the standard cures (deload, change up the program, more food, more rest, etc) are just not making the wheels turn.


During those times it is perfectly fine to take a detour, to go off road as that unblazed path can get you back on track and maybe even offer a new perspective and a rekindling of the fire that was temporarily reduced to a mere flicker.

For some it is taking a mini-break from the sport and working to build strength in a totally new way, even if for only a bit. For some of the lifters at the Monster Garage Gym, backing away from the barbell and stepping up to the farmers walk, the tire, the atlas stone is a good way to build a different kind of strength, power, and endurance.

Now powerlifting, your given sport, is not something an athlete can just begin and immediately master, and this is the case for all things strongman. As powerlifters we have a huge respect for these guys and gals because it is not just the moving of big heavy things, but it is moving big heavy things and doing so quickly. Also, like powerlifting there is a way, a form, a technique to the implements.

Knowing this, the aforementioned lifters are training for a novice strongman meet and using this meet as a method to build strength, power and endurance. A method to learn a little bit more about a sister strength sport and a method to be able to use this break from powerlifting to rekindle that fire for the barbell once the last atlas stone has hit the floor.

Should you think about strongman as a plateau breaking option, don’t think strongman at the Arnold, and don’t think big bad Brian Shaw, think instead, novice, think respect for these new movements and think about doing something different as a way to eventually come back to something you love but also need a break from.

There are novice strongman meets each weekend and finding one, training for it, and competing in it are all good things to go off-road for in order to get back on track. Try something new, change it up, it might be the battery charger you need to get back into the big numbers of powerlifting.

The accompanying video shows some of the M.G.G. powerlifters in their first weeks of training for a novice strongman meet.

Wishing all of our weekly coaching log readers the best in your training and competitions. Ever Onward, Eric Maroscher, Owner: MONSTER GARAGE GYM

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