Good Mornings & Prowler 'til ya PUKE

I'm the first one to say, "you don't necessarily need to kill yourself every time you train".  However, when it comes to conditioning, I LOVE to see how far I can take myself.

Back in the 80's I did countless Triathlons and I was never an endurance athlete.  I still haven't lost the zeal for endorphins, beer, and the post race beach.

So when the Prowler reared it's head in this block of training, I pop a boner for the PUSH!

I was criticized once for "pushing it too hard".  WHAT?  How about about it really isn't about our different training styles at all, its about YOU being a pussy and not liking THAT particular brand of AWESOME.

So go back to the literature you speak from and grow a pair.  I LIKE it!



GHR: 2x10 get some blood moving

SSB Yoke Bar Suspended Good Mornings:

Work up to a heavy but not a max 3 rep


Plate behind the head 45 degree back extensions:



Prowler til ya PUKE:

6 x 200 yards x 90 lbs.

Don't stop until someone in the group dials up last night's dinner and yesterday's breakfast and lunch TOO!

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