Much has been written about  "Yoke" training.

Jim Wendler was the first to speak of it here at EliteFTS way back.

HIS pal Benny Podda would put on vulgar displays of strength using traps and neck.

Others have talked about 6 packs being a dime a dozen and the attributes of having a HUGE neck.

Heck...I have even given people a hard time for supporting a head on top with something less than an 18" neck.

But there is NOTHING quite as intimidating as looking like you are the TOP of a KEG!

"No Necks" or the Noneckiun tribe that I am a part of, has it's virtues and privileges.

I never wear collared shirts

I never wear a tie

I have a "get out of it" card if I ever get invited to events that require ties AND...I never get asked unmanly questions.

At last measurement, my Dome Holder was 21 inches around.

Here's the interesting thing...Girth is inversely proportional to distance between the lower ear lobe and the top of the trap.

In other words, with increased circumference there is a shortening of the space between the shoulder's trap and ears.

Although the girth is large, my chin is somewhere mid Pec!  (kidding)

But it's fun!

I use a four way neck machine now, but there are still methods to increase the girth without one.

Shrugs, Dead lifts, Snatch, Power Cleans are also quite effective when developing the TRAPEZIUS.

That photo ^  was made by a friend who piggy backed off Stevie P's "Do You Even Lift" picture.


Today's Training:

Dynamic Squat:





Dead Lift:





Reverse Hyper:



4 way Neck: 1x15@6.5