So last week finished with a band excellent week of training---all weekend I coached at various meets and people did great--way too much to write about it all.

Here is what I did Monday

Boxing on Mitts 50 minutes this session was brutal, hardest yet.  I was pressed for time and to do computer work when we finished.  So I would answer three emails go in my garage and do a set of dips til failure did this for 10 sets--using BW



Jump rope and footwork drills to warm up

4 sets of heavy wheel barrow 20 yards

4 sets of 6 heavy swings

5 sets of 8 band rows

Here are a couple cool videos from the weekend

The 5 decrees of Jailhouse Strong

and my client 21 year old Peter Edgette nailing a 562 raw bench weighed in at 300, this was coming back from an injury and a meet PR--so proud of this kid, heaviest he went training is 530


90 minutes on minutes--this was one of the hardest things I have ever done---excellent work


Today Off


Tomorrow going nuts!!!!!