Trained hams, calves, and shoulders with Randy Howard at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo

Standing calf raise:

Lying leg curls:
Worked up to a final triple drop set with the stack plus a 10lb plate, dropped to about 2/3 that weight for another 10 reps, and then dropped about 1/2 of that weight for another 10 reps

Stiff leg deadlifts:
3x15 135lb
Since I finished my legs EOD routine my weight has shot up dramatically.  At one point during the legs EOD program I was in the low 260s.  Since finishing the program I'm up into the low 280s....and because of that my lower back is extremely tight/bloated, making it hard to keep my form on these with any kind of weight.

reverse pec deck:
I worked up to the full stack plus a 25lb plate for a set of 10 on this

Dumbell Presses:
1x15 40s
1x10 75s
1x10 100s
1x10 120s
1x15 100s
Felt good on these.  I'm really going to start working on bringing my strength back up.  I've gone too long allowing myself to train lighter than I should and looking for other ways to increase intensity, but if I'm going to get back on stage at some point I need to quit dicking around with the weights

Seated laterals
Drop set:
1x10 40s
1x10 20s

Drop set #2:
1x8 60s
1x8 40s
1x8 20s

Drop set #3:
1x10 40s
1x10 20s

Seated smith machine presses:
2x15 225lb

Behind the back shrugs (smith machine)