Took the weekend off of training because I was starting to run a fever (If anyone followed my logs from way back, it's something that I deal with when I've been training too hard).   I felt good after the rest days though, so I decided to get after it on legs.
I trained solo at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo (they just got new carpet and re-organized the equipment so it felt like I was cheating on my regular gym...very exciting)

Warm up:
spin cycle:
50 reps each leg light resistance
40 reps each leg 1/4 turn more resistance
30 reps each leg 1/4 turn more resistance
20 reps each leg 1/4 turn more resistance
10 reps each leg 1/4 turn more resistance (this was actually pretty close to failure at 10 it was more of a work set than a warm up)

Standing calf raise superset with tibia raises with 12" red band:

One leg standing calf raises superset with tibia raises:

Seated calf raise:

Lying leg curls:
6x10 warm up
4x10 with 15-20 bottom range partials (working sets)

2x10 135lb
1x10 225lb
1x10 315lb
1x10 405lb
1x10 495lb

Seated leg curls:

Walking lunges superset with leg extensions
1x30 lunges with 40lb dumbells
1xfailure with stack on leg extensions

1x30 bodyweight lunges
1xfailure leg extensions

Single leg extensions:
10x10  each leg

This workout was f'n brutal.   Between the spinning bike "warm up," calves, and 10 sets on leg curls, I was nearly an hour into the workout by the time I got to squats.  I haven't been squatting as much this year because my shoulder flexibility has made it impossible to reach the bar (I spent that hour before squats stretching my shoulders in between each set).

So by the time I hit 495 for 10 on squats, I was pretty spent.
I ended up supersetting the walking lunges and leg extensions because the workout was starting to take too long and I didn't want to waste time loading up the leg press (I was training solo).
They were pretty brutal after the squats, but the single leg extensions f'n wrecked me.
I ended up doing 10 sets of 10 with each leg (20 sets total) soon as I finished with one leg I started with the next.  The set felt like it took 10 minutes and by the end I could barely even straighten my legs without any weight at all.

The squats felt really good.   The set of 10 with 495 felt MUCH easier than I expected and I'm pretty sure I could have hit 15 without much trouble.
I was actually pretty damned surprised at how smooth it was.  I tried hitting 20 reps with 500lbs back in 2007 or so and ended up gassing out around 16 reps.   I think I might give 500 for 20 another run at some point during my contest prep when my cardio improves some.