Trained chest and triceps at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo with Randy Howard.  I'm working on bringing my strength back up and have had a couple decent chest workouts since coming back to a normal rotation following my legs EOD program.  I'm not setting any competition dates, but I have kind of realized that if I'm going to do another show, it's kind of now-or-never....and I need to get back to where I was in 2007 sooner rather than later.

Incline bench:
2x15 135lb
1x12 225lb
1x12 315lb
1x8 365lb

Flat bench:
1x10 225lb
2x10 315lb

Incline smith machine:
1x10 225lb
2x10 315lb

Pec Deck:


Overhead cable extensions (single arm):
quintuple drop set
Just a looong drop set where I start with around 60lbs and go to failure with each arm before dropping the weight one pin on the stack...and continuing until I drop all the way down to 10lb