There are a few people that I pay attention to when they write something.  Lee Zimmerman is a peer of mine that I read and learn.

While Lee says at the end of this post I am quoting him from "Here ends the lesson", I believe Here BEGINS the lesson.

Lee is an Exercise MANIAC with advanced degrees.  He works with youth that play SPORTS through "Mature and Aging" populations in the  Philadelphia, PA. area.

"Soooo, I could've earned my both my Degrees for $5.00 in late fees at the local library, like in "Good Will Hunting"? Maybe, yet there is no substitute for experience. I don't understand where these kids coming out of school with degrees and certifications think they automatically "deserve" top of the line jobs starting at $40,000+/ year without having experience "under the bar". How can they coach an athlete/ patient when they've not experienced training hard themselves, or training a patient who is a complete train wreck? I can't fathom entrusting the care of my parents to someone with zero experience, or my kids to a speed and conditioning coach whose experience came from reading books and passing certification exams. My advice? Start from scratch, Intern somewhere or with someone from whom you can learn from. Put your phone away, listen, watch, and only speak to ask questions. There's nothing wrong with saying "I don't know". Follow that statement with "But I'll find out and get right back to you". People will respect you more for that than bullshitting them and turning your clients into guinea pigs. And, put your phones away. All it brings you at the end of the month is a bill, and it's inhibited your ability to learn and gain valuable experience. Here End Of The Lesson." ~Lee Zimmerman