15g BCAAs, 50g Waxy Maize

4 eggs with cheese, bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar

5oz beef, 1 cup rice, yogurt, cafeteria protein drink that said "power" on the label

5oz beef, 1 cup rice, bowl of fruity pebbles with raspberries, "fruit stick", and a banana

5oz beef, 1 cup rice, two yogurts

egg whites, 1 cup oatmeal with homemade jam, banana

90g EAAs, 180g HBCDs

Chicken, oatmeal with jam, maybe some fruit

flank steak, sweet potatoes


The total carb count over 9 meals will be somewhere around 800-900g of carbs.

Now...I'm sure some of my clients will read this and say "you don't have me eating yogurt on my high day?"

For the record, I'm not pre-contest.  I'm 20 weeks out and won't be starting a contest diet for at least another month.   My precontest high days won't include quite as much "fun" carbs.   Also,  I'm 285lbs right now and my mom says I look healthier when I eat like this and it shouldn't bother me that I have to shop in the "husky" section--they should call it the "strong boy" section anyway.