My training partner was sick and I really wasn't feeling motivated walking into the I decided to switch modes and try a high volume approach for legs and ended up getting a pretty damn good lift in (still sore 3 days later anyway).


Lying leg curls:
7x12  (with added intensity things like static holds and additional partials on the last 3 sets)

Reverse hack squats (squats facing the pad on the hack machine):
1x10 135lb
1x10 225lb
1x10 315lb
1x10 405lb

Leg press:
1x10 6 plates
1x10 10 plates
3x15 14 plates

Single Leg press:
3x15 6 plates
2x20 4 plates

Stiff leg deadlifts (facing hack squat)
3x12 225lb

Walking lunges:

Seated Leg Curls:

Leg extensions:

Single leg extensions:
3x15 (fucking burned)


This was about as full of blood as my legs have ever been.  I didn't do anything crazy weight-wise, but I ended up hitting somewhere north of 30 sets with just about all of them being in the 15-20 rep I was f'n spent at the end of the lift.