Tuesday Fluff Arms Workout

Occlusion Training Supersets

15 minutes of stadiums (run up walk down)



45 Minute Hike (in Cali in Mountains) holding my son he is close to 30 pounds (actually pretty tough lol)



Again (still at different gym, home now)

10 sets of 6 (5 more pounds than last wek last Week) floor fly dbells paused incline dbell fly 2sets 15 reps dips max reps in 60 seconds, max in 45 sec, max in 30 sec in and out here are some flys

Friday (back home)

Sled Drags Backwards--20 yards x 6 sets rest x 90 sec (brutal)

Leg Curl--dl hyper superset 6 x 12 ) 3 sets

Seated Rows 3 sets 15

One arm barbell shrugs- 3 sets 12

Abs neck Throughout


Lean Away lateral raise 5 sec eccentric 3 sets 60, burn out set of 50 after (without accentuated eccentric)

Lying Front Raise 3 sets 15

Rear Delt Raises 4 sets of 12

Abs & neck Throughout 10 minutes occlusion training


Will update the rest tomorrow


Jeremy hitting a PR in training 675 RAW!!

Another one of my clients Matt Sohmer hitting an 821 RAw Squat no wraps or sleeves in the USAPL at 275!