As promised last week, I am going to review the RPR Level 2 Certification seminar held at TPS last weekend.

I am sure that some of you will be groaning saying that I am a commercial for RPR.

Well, I am. I am a believer that RPR is something we all need to incorporate into our daily routines, like brushing your teeth.


It’s that important. I have seen it make immediate and massive changes in countless people here at TPS.


I have seen it make small, and steady improvements personally. RPR has done more than anything else to get my hip back in working order. It has also changed me personally.


Ask anyone who knows me. There is something different about me over that last 8 or 9 months.


I am much calmer, much more focused, more productive, more willing to listen to what others have to say and absorb it, and so much more. I move better, I sleep better, I feel better overall. If doing something for 5 minutes a day can improve your sports performance, it is worth it.


But what if it also improves your life outside the gym too?


I’d say that is probably more important that how much you can lift, or haw fast you run a 40.

But that’s’ just my opinion.

Anyway, let’s get back to RPR.


What is he up to with thosegloves on?

What is he up to with those gloves on?



What is it?

RPR is a simple, quick and effective method of getting people “better” by giving them a tool that they can use on THEMSELVES by themselves that allows their nervous system to operate better.



The nervous system controls pretty much everything that goes on in the body. Most of us have some kind of inefficiency or malfunction with it.


RPR allows you to reset it.


Resetting your nervous system makes it communicate with the rest of the body’s systems better creating improvements across the board.


There it is, a simple and unscientific answer.


Why does it work? Well, as JL says, we don’t really know. But, personally, I don’t need to. I know it works and you will too if you give it a chance.


In the RPR Level 1 course we learned, as JL says, a shotgun approach to using it. We go through the wake up drills and then we train, or go about our daily activities. The wake up drills take about 5 minutes, but you can do them longer if you like. After they are done, you will feel the difference.


Using Level 1 techniques my team has made improvements in mobility, flexibility, total weight lifted, improvements in technique and more with our clients.


I also used the Level 1 techniques to address specific issues with individuals.


For example, let’s say someone was having difficulty getting depth in the Squat. I will watch them and see what I think needs to be done and then I will do the Level 1 wake up drills for the area that I felt needed a reset. Boom. Depth.


This has worked extremely well, and those that I have done it on always have a look on their face like “What the hell did you just do?” It’s like they think I am a wizard.


Well, in Level 2 , JL taught us much more detailed and specific techniques, and he gave us a tool box of analytical tools to use.


When I say a toolbox, I don’t mean one of those handheld plastic ones from K-Mart. I mean one of the $20,000 5-foot-tall ones with 30 drawers from the Snap On truck.


The RPR Level 2 cert gave me tools to instantly identify flaws in movement, firing patterns and compensation patterns and how to correct them.


  • These tools allow Level 2 practitioners to analyze, identify and then correct issues before they become injuries.
  • They allow us to help people that have been having movement issues and pain issues move better and become less painful. Pain free even.
  • They allow us to make our athlete better mentally; to make them better able to process information under stress and react to it better.
  • The tools allow us to give people the ability to recover faster between sets. This leads to an increase in performance.


While I cannot share too much about how this is done, I can tell you that you can come in and see for yourself. Or that you can find a Level 1 or Level 2 provider in your area. I urge you to do it and give it a shot.

  • It will change your performance, your ability to recover, your ability to sleep better, think clearer, and more.
  • It will change your life if you stick with it for a month or so.
  • If you do, you will not stop it.
  • Email me if you are in the area.

We can get you in to see what it is all about.




I figured you’d all want to see something strong(er) in my log too. Here is TeamTPS athlete Nick Cambi a lightweight pro.

Cambi is strong as balls and he loves RPR.




A post shared by Nicolas Cambi (@cambidude) on

A post shared by Nicolas Cambi (@cambidude) on

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August 1, 2018