I asked the lady "How much for the angry lawn gnome?"

I asked the lady across the street, "how much for the angry lawn gnome?"  Much to my surprise, she replied in a disgusted tone of voice, "that's not a lawn gnome, it's my toddler".





Today's Trining:


AirDyne: 21 minutes

2 rep Floor Press Max

Then cut the weight by 30% and do 3x8


Incline Hammer Press:

1x15,13,11,9,7 with increasing weight per set


Cable Fly:

Constant weight for 15,13,11,9,7 reps


Dips: 5x12

Supine DB Tricep Extension: 5x12


No bike commute.  I had to stop by the bank.  What a pain in the ass that has become.

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