I have always said the more important you think you are, the bigger one day you will be humbled.  Today was a reminder to me.

Anyone that reads my stuff knows that I've been in La Jolla for the last week at my son's hockey tournament.

When I go away from my gym I always leave the workouts up on the White Board.  I leave as much detail as I can so that people won't need to think that much.    Ironically, the more detail I give, the more confused I make people.

Regardless...today was the first day BACK into the gym.  While the well wishers were giving my son back slaps and kudos, I wrote THREE different plans for the groups.  I wrote them in TOO MUCH detail.

At one point, no less than FIVE people were calling me in opposite directions for clarification of my DETAILED (over detailed) game plan.

When out of the blue, both my son AND my lovely Bride began to question what I had in store for THEM.

Simply put, I don't do well in multi tasking situations.  I'm the type that needs to turn down the radio when I'm looking for an address while driving.

Because I don't think the groups (nor my family) can survive without me,  I "stressed" and BLEW UP.

Unfortunately you always take out the frustrations to those closest to you.

Luckily my family knows that I can be an idiot and they turned and walked OUT.

I realized what a Jack Ass I was to them (and the others) and realized in a hurry...I'm NOT THAT IMPORTANT that I need to do that.

Yes, I chased after them to apologize.  Saying I'm sorry is a hard thing for me, but I do it when I know I can't be correct all the time.

I'm blessed with a family and a TEAM that will acknowledge my Jack Assery with a  "It's O.K. you are a Jack Ass and we still love you".

I will make mistakes again in the future, but thinking I'm more than a Gym Teacher is something I need to repeat over and over.

I help people better when I remain a "Humble Servant" instead of the  "I am greater than thou".

After I finished the Explosive Box Jumps that I planned to do for myself today, along with a TON of GHR's...I pushed the Prowler with self punishment in mind.

Check out my Main Man and Mini Me while we were waiting outside the Mall in La Jolla for April.

Team Elite representing in SoCal.