I can Train by Myself

The days of training for triathlons and the long countless hours of being alone have taught me to be able to still get into my own head and train with no one around.

I will use my surrounding though.  If I see someone out for a joy ride on their bike, I am of course now in the Tour de France and have to pass that person.

Running of any distance becomes the Olympic finals when there is a jogger in front of me.

I jest when I say..."When no one is in the gym, I squatted 1000 lbs today."  (who can verify?  Right?)

But...when my own crew of Tony, Chris, and Al are training with me and we are all in synch, MAGIC happens.

Today while working the mono lift and "chipping" each other's efforts, my crew cured not only the Political climate and Covid-19 we fixed three family issues, came up with a solution to World Hunger, and saved the Whales.

I can only hope we cure cancer tomorrow and figure out a solution to the world's anger.

Today's Training:

AirDyne: 21 mins.

Box Squat: 6 RM w/ a PRE of 7-8  (1" above parallel)

Pick a "Specialty Bar" to use for the next 6 weeks.

I used the Giant Rack-able Camber Bar


GHR: 4x15

Split Squat: 4x10

Bike Commute: 18 minutes

Ab Crunch: 100

Push Ups: 12

Pull up/ Chin up: 3/3

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