I Piss Red, White, and Blue. The doctor


AirDyne Bike: 22 minutes

C/S Row with a stupid amount of weight: 3x10   I actually felt and heard something go, "Boing" in my elbow/forearm.  Not sure exactly what it is but it is a dull ache now.  Sort of hurts??  but not enough to stop, yet.

Pull Ups: 400 reps

Chin Ups: 100 reps.

Bike Commute: 20 minutes

Sand Sprints: 10x30 yards @75%


The key thing to remember with the volume of pull ups/chin ups that we do is not so much getting the chin over the bar as it is all about the scapular retraction/depression move.

If I don't see the body "turtle" out of the shoulder blades and only witness the elbow flex and biceps pop, I'll give the person either less reps or more help as in assisted pull-ups.

Shred the back!

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