If Brute Force doesn't work, you're not using enough.

The "Anderson Press" is simply a Press off pins that were set at about a three board height.  Pushing from the bottom UP.

No stretch reflex

No loaded tension

Just brute force from the bottom of the bench UP like a deadlift for the bench...if you will

Set up is the same but the difficulty factor is majorly increased.

I made the statement yesterday..."If brute force doesn't work, use more of it!"

THIS is a classic example

Today's Training:

AirDyne: One entire NCIS show.  so that's 32 minutes

The air is getting better.  Still unhealthy for certain groups, but with any luck and a shift of the wind, we can get out from under this nasty air mass

Bench: 2 Rep Max  Anderson Style

DB Fly: 5x10

Push Ups: 5x20

OHP: 5x10

DB LR: 5x10

DB Rear Delt Raise: 5x10


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