Sometimes you see things that impact you so much there is nothing more to add.

This is one of those times.  From my friend to another friend ( I was privy to some of the background but not all...I think)

For YOU K.R.  Nice Gorilla, huh?

From my friend:

I made a mistake. I was going too fast. Trying to make things "easy" and I made a mistake with a friend.

He had the courage to approach me directly. Sure he was upset and he had a right to be, so the convo wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. But he came to ME to tell me his problem with me. Not everyone else. For that... I thank him. Because that seems to be rare today. So I got to get practice at shedding my ego. And I got a valuable reminder on how to build successful friendships. I am in his debt.

Big men are good men.